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STOP investing your time in marketing efforts that don't bring you the returns you deserve.


It is time you invested in an army of marketing champions waiting to promote you and your business.


Here's the KICKER. Instead of you forking out thousands to pay for marketing efforts, this team of marketing champions will work for you for FREE.


In fact, they PAY YOU.




Call Me.


When a small-medium sized business fails and has to shut down, it is a huge blow to the business owners.


It is also reflective of the lack of proper advice or any, as a business owner needs external advice from business professionals at every stage of the business cycle.


With extensive experience having serviced thousands of businesses across multiple industries, it is my purpose to help businesses stand up on their feet. To pick them up when they are down. And most importantly to ensure that they keep their business dreams alive.


Having serviced nearly 2000 small to medium-sized businesses over the years, I have seen it all. 

Mostly, businesses grapple with the question: "How do I keep generating customers sustainably?"

The key word being "sustainably". They often mistake "bad profit"(short-sighted profit) for "good profit" (sustainable profit). You are not alone. Even giants like Nokia and Kodak did the same mistake. And they fell. Hard. "Innovate or Die!"

Luckily, businesses have access to the strongest marketing channel of them all. This marketing channel is FREE of cost. And moreover, this marketing channel pays the business! It is called 'the existing customer base'.

This 'existing customer base' has hidden within it an army of promoters who will actively refer your business (if identified and treated correctly) and an equally dangerous group of detractors who can destroy your business. When you work with me, you will understand how to:

1) Segment your customer base to understand who are the 'Promoters' and who are the 'Detractors'

2) Run a targeted referral / rewards program and maximise your 'Word of Mouth' Potential, driving repeat clientele and new 'sticky' customers and thereby increasing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

3) Understand Root Causes for Customer Dissatisfaction and undertake the correct business improvement initiatives.

No business has an infinite marketing budget. So the trick is to allocate it to the right areas. Invest in your happy customers and they will work for you free of cost (and pay you!). The trick is, how does one go about identifying them?

Thankfully, you have me. My specialisation in SME Segmentation, Segment Strategy and Net Promoter Score (NPS) along with practical applications from my MBA (Melbourne Business School) are there to support you and your business.

Call me on +61 424 287 904 and let us organise an obligation-free catch-up in person or over skype (depending on which country you are in!)

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