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WOM Analysis

Small businesses often claim to get most of their clientele from 'Word of Mouth'. Maximising this organic lead generation channel requires more work though.


We will analyse how you can get the most out of your 'WOM' potential.


Every month we will report on your WOM score and strategies on improvement.


Business Planning

There goes a cliche which says, 'Those who fail to plan, plan to fail'.


From a simple one-page business plan following a now-where-how analysis to detailed business plans, we can do it all.

If you currently have a business plan, we will track how you are going according to the plan every month.

Competitive Analysis

'Imitation is the best form of flattery'. In business, it can be a lot more. It can be the difference between an average year and a bumper year.

Adopting the same principles as large corporates, competitive intelligence techniques will be used to keep you ahead at all times, providing detailed reporting on your key competitors.

Business Improvement

Most often, businesses fail to identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.


When root causes are mapped to 'buckets' related to aspects of your business they reveal critical areas of business improvement. We will analyse and report on these key areas and follow-through on an ongoing basis.



Rewards Campaigns

Deeply dissatisfied customers can harm the profitability of the business in the long run.


We design tailor-made reward campaigns and assist you in the successful implementation of the same.

An effective campaign will increase retention of customers.

Referral Programs

Customers delighted with your business have the right intentions. Of that to promote, refer and recommend.


But they need a little 'lovin' and the good old 'nudge' comes in the form of referral programs with the right incentive to the referrer and the potential new customer being referred to. A good referral program will improve customer acquistion drastically.


Customer Segmentation

For those business who are not in the 'mass market' type of products, dividing the customer base is crucial.


This will allow you to market your products in the right way to the right audience.


We will conduct a cost-efficient segmentation of your customer base using a unique segmentation model.

Targeting & Positioning

Following on from segmentation, we will help you choose the most lucrative target segments.


For each target segment, we will also help you position your products / services and brand accordingly to maximise results. On an ongoing monthly basis ,we will revisit the strategy for each segment and enable initiatives to drive profitability.


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